we the


3 Things

you can always expect from the show.

1. Resonance

Resonance produces encouragement.

2. Encouragement

Encouragement produces motivation.

3. Motivation

Motivation produces results.

The Origin of We The Heroes Podcast

I needed graphic design work for a project I was working on – a product I am currently trying to bring to the fitness industry.  I ended up connecting with an old acquaintance in my hometown who does INCREDIBLE graphic design work - Robby Myers. We met at a coffee shop to discuss the project I needed help with, but about half way through our meeting, the conversation shifted.  Conversation shifted from our business to our personal entrepreneurial struggles.  We ended up talking for about 2 ½ hours in that coffee shop.  When it was all said and done, and I was sitting in my car driving home, I felt encouraged and motivated to do ALL. OF. THE. WORK.  I was extremely eager to hustle.

I can remember when the light bulb went off. I was driving home from the gym listening to a podcast on Entrepreneurship.  It hit me!  I should be hosting a podcast where I reproduce the situation that happened to me with my friend Robby at the coffee shop!  He and I resonated with each other.  This resonance meant one VERY important thing: Neither of us were alone!  We both felt a little crazy running after our dreams – isolated.  But when we found each other, the game changed!  From this newly discovered truth came encouragement!  And, from this encouragement came motivation to work! And we know that consistent, intelligent work leads us to results!  That was it.  A podcast where I didn’t interview people who had already “made it,” but a podcast where I interviewed those who were currently in the processes of “making it” – people just like me!  A podcast formatted in such a way that, others, just like me, could listen and be driven to produce results.  We The Heroes was born.


Meet the Host

Hey, there!  My name is Judd Alsup.  I am a believer in Jesus Christ above all.  I am a husband, second (Yes, my wife is a BABE.)  After those two things... Well, that's a story all of it's own.

If I had to coin a term for myself, I would say that I am a "professional beginner."  I am constantly starting new, different, exciting adventures -  from podcasts to product development to learning how to throw a boomerang, the later of which is way more difficult than you would think!  Therefore, I am in a constant state of being a beginner.

It doesn't help that I am extremely scatterbrained.  For years, I thought this was a problem.  A disability.  A deal breaker for my success.  It kept me awake at night - my wife sound asleep next to me.  I realized, however, a few years ago that the truth couldn't be any more opposite.  My scatterbrained-ness is a gift.  A gift that most people don't have.  I am not satisfied in a 9 to 5 job.

I am not satisfied doing one thing repeatedly until I die.  I am also not against hard work!  I'm just built for a different kind of hard work.  So, I embrace my gift.

Since this realization I have begun to chip away at a list of goals/ideas/dreams that I continually add to on a daily basis.  It grows faster than it is completed, but this is a good thing; it just means I'll never get bored!  My wife is constant support in all of my ventures and even if they all crumbled in my hands, as long as she's by my side, I've got it all.

let me teach you how to begin