The Secret Recipe to Crushing Goals


Have life goals? Of course you do. Tired of not accomplishing them? Of course you are. Read below to learn the secret recipe for crushing YOUR goals!

In 2017, I decided I was going to accomplish some things.  One of the things on my list was good body composition.  The pictures you see above are a little under 1 year apart.  In the “before” photo, I was in decent “shape” when it came to general fitness, but I didn’t look it.  I was skinny fat.  Plain and simple.  And I was unhappy with it.  I wanted to make a change.  So, I established a goal: look good naked.

Goals. What are your goals? If you don’t have goals, progress can’t happen. Clear, established, specific goals lead to prioritizing, and prioritizing leads to consistency, and intelligent, calculated consistency leads to progress. Without goals, we can never get from here to there. Without goals, progress is impossible.
Specific goals are just the first step of the process, however. Prioritizing those goals comes next. If we refuse to make our personal, life goals a priority, we WILL be unhappy. Period. The sad fact is that most of us never reach the prioritization phase. We say: “I want to do this” or “I wish I could do that,” and that’s as far as it goes. A wish. A dream. A goal that will never take fruition. But if we establish goals and then make them a priority, we move from thought to action. And THAT is a game changer!

Action is awesome, but sporadic action is just about as useless as no action. It must be consistent action.
Let’s bunny trail for a second…

Consistency. Why is that important? Seems like a stupid question. Very common sense. But it’s one of the major steps that I see being misunderstood. Consistency alone is stupid. Note that it is NOT consistency that gets us where we want to be, but intelligent, calculated consistency that gets us to the end goal! For years, I was the guy who thought I had to eat chicken, rice and broccoli for every meal to be healthy and look good. For years, I was the guy who thought I had to workout 3 times a day to be healthy and look good. Which is total crap! And I was consistent in these things, boy, I was consistent.  But I was consistently wrong. I never saw the progress I wanted to see because CONSISTENTLY my nutrition was way freaking off. I was prone to injury because I CONSISTENTLY over-trained. I was mentally unhealthy because I was CONSISTENTLY doing the wrong things but never seeing the change I desired – insanity. Consistency alone is treacherous; intelligent, calculated consistency is imperative. See the difference?
Soap box over.

The right kind of consistent action leads us to the progress we want so badly. The crazy thing is, I had to be willing to challenge everything that I thought I knew. I had to be open to training less. I had to be open to eating differently. I had to be open to allowing myself to step out of the world of food based guilt and into a world where food isn’t a win or lose scenario, but something to be utilized and enjoyed.
I’d like to take this time to say this: I don’t zone. I don’t eat paleo. I don’t eat keto. I don’t get nutrisystem delivered to my house. I don’t do south beach. I don’t have 72 jugs of supplements in my cabinet. I eat out. I don’t carry Tupperware containers with me everywhere. I don’t have a “meal plan.”  I don’t stress about food. I eat ice cream (regularly). I take my wife on dates to Mexican restaurants and eat queso and chips. I enjoy sweet tea. I enjoy a good beer (or two). I workout less than 1 hour, 5-6 days a week. I plan to reduce that to 3-4 days soon! I take warming up seriously. I take injury prevention seriously. I eat pizza often. I choose to eat veggies and fruit a lot. I’m not afraid of food. I DO NOT HAVE CHEAT DAYS.
Yes. No such thing as a cheat day. I may have three days in a row where I eat ice cream or down a pizza. Yep.  Believe it.  And no, it’s not a genetics issue.  Forever I thought I couldn’t have abs because I was genetically unable to.  False.  Just not true.

So, Judd, how is this even possible?  Well, if you’ve never heard of flexible dieting you should look it up.  Because it’s changed my life.  This is a whole other discussion in and of itself – one I would love to have with you! Just ask!  But for now, some quick resources: is a great resource to understanding the science.  Zach does a great job of laying it out so that it makes sense!  If you need more guidance and have a little extra cash, I HIGHLY recommend Working Against Gravity.  They are a great resource and guide in the process.

Neither here nor there, I say all that to say this: What is your primary aim?  What are your goals?  Once we have the destination, we can get there.  But without it, we will wander aimlessly and unhealthily without direction just to find that we have been walking in circles.
Now, body composition wise, I’m not fully where I want to be yet.  However, I’m a heck of a lot closer than I was before I started. The truth is though, I’m happy.  I’m happy with me.  I’m proud of my victories this past year.  I made a lot of mistakes.  I failed a lot.  But I learned from my failures, and in the end, I’m a better me because of it all.  Regardless of what area your goals are in, (fitness, business, etc…) I challenge you to do this: write down your top 5 goals for this year.  Be specific.  Make them a priority.  Be disciplined and consistent.  If you don’t know what to be consistent in, then figure it out!  Research.  Read.  Learn.  If it’s reeeeeeally important to you, you’ll get it.  I promise.

Goals.  Priorities.  Consistency.  Progress. Let’s go!

Just for the record, I believe in you.

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